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PacMule series

PacMule series

Versatile, agile and functional helps to describe the best all around multi-purpose utility trailer on the market. 

Extended Height serie


Taller sides allow for items to be fully enclosed and secured without giving up the great off road capabilities of the original pac mule series trailer.

Deck & Box series

Deck & Box series

A great combination of an open front deck for dirt bikes, atv's or more gear with the enclosed box for all your other outdoor needs dry and secure in the enclosed Pac Mule style box on the rear.

About Us

Pac Mule Trailers are the latest design by Premier Aluminum and have been years in the making. The Pac Mule Trailer was designed with the outdoor adventurist and enthusiast in mind and is more useful to a homeowner than any other tool in their garage. This all aluminum, sturdy, light weight multi-purpose utility trailer is offered in a variety of sizes, colors and options. Get you a Pac Mule to get the work done and get outdoors for some fun!!

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